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"We are extremely satisfied with the TacFuels software and hardware at MCALF Bogue. This is an outstanding product."

CWO Larry Earl

2nd MAW Fuel Officer USMC

"The service has been extremely professional. The system is easy to operate. I would definitely recommend TacFuels to be used in a sustainment environment."

CWO Edgardo Borrero


"Gauging CSTs has always been the weak link in fuel accounting… Now we have the system that many have only dreamed of."

Brian MacMillian

Manager DynCorp International

What is TacFuels?

Improving bulk fuels accountability for tactical and expeditionary environments

Varec’s TacFuels solution improves existing processes for fuels accountability of tactical fuel points or remote facilities, such as collapsible storage tank fuel farms. It automates the measurement of fuel inventories with fuel gauges and greatly reduces the errors associated with manually recording the receipt of bulk fuel, measuring physical inventory and distributing fuels to vehicles, equipment and other remote facilities. It is a complete solution for asset visibility and control that enables effective decision support at all levels of your organization, while helping to resolve many shortfalls encountered at the local level, including fraudulent disbursements.

What are your benefits?

Improved Accountability

Improved Visibility

Improved Reconciliation

Improved Logistics

We are fuels

With over 40 years experience in fuels management covering military, aviation and commercial oil and gas sectors, Jim is responsible for program management and business development.

Jim Gibson

Program Manager, Fuels Consultant

With over 19 years experience in the military and government fuels sector, Mike ensures successful deployment, integration, system performance, and end-user training.

Mike Wunder

Project Manager & Engineer

With over 20 years experience in military re-fueling and management, Scott ensures successful deployment, integration, system performance, and end-user training.

Scott Kirk

Project Manager & Engineer

With over 37 years experience in the military, government and commercial fuels sector, Phil ensures successful deployment, integration, system performance, and end-user training.

Phil Cassady

Project Manager & Engineer


Daily Variances


Facilities Using TacFuels


Installed Fuel Gauges


Million Gallons Managed

But It's Not Just Fuel

Our system is also suitable for many industries that use collapsible tanks for bulk liquid storage.

  • Remote or Temporary Mining and Construction Sites
  • Facilities for Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Temporary Facilities for Disaster Relief
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