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TacFuels® provides accountability and oversight of all allocations, inventories, disbursements and consumption to assist, control and manage the complete tactical fuel supply chain.

Tactical Fueling Solutions for Asset Visibility and Control

Varec’s TacFuels solution improves existing processes for fuels accountability of tactical fuel points, such as collapsible storage tank fuel farms. It reduces the cycle times, human resource allocations and is field proven for military personnel ease of use and acceptance. The system provides greater command oversight and management, while helping to resolve many shortfalls encountered at the local level, such as fraudulent disbursements. Automating the measurement of fuel inventories and integrating handheld computers for transactional data input and collection greatly reduces the errors associated with manually recording the receipt, inventory measurement and distribution of bulk fuels.

TacFuels is also compatible with FuelsManager® systems already in use by many defense organizations, including the U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence and the Australian Ministry of Defence. Together, Varec’s TacFuels and FuelsManager Defense provide an automated solution that improves local fuels accounting reconciliation and reporting, and assists in regional logistical planning and monitoring, while also providing asset visibility and consumption at all levels of operation.