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FuelsManager® for TacFuels

FuelsManager inventory management software is the center of the TacFuels system. It provides overviews of the local storage facility and complete details of inventory in each storage tank. The operator can quickly see and report the total liquid stocks and their distribution, including fuel stored in tanks and trucks.

  • Improve inventory visibility and increase operator efficiency
  • Improve audit trail and reduce paperwork
  • Reduce daily variance and improve inventory management

Product Documents: TacFuels Solutions Overview

For Your Operations

FuelsManager provides a single interface to the TacFuels system inventory data. To perform the same function without TacFuels, operators may need to review many paper forms, extract data and manually perform calculations, all of which takes time that may not be available to support a decision during a critical tactical situation.

Facility Overview

FuelsManager is preconfigured to provide your operator clear, concise overviews of your facility's tanks, their inventories, and status, all at a glance.

Tank overviews can be provided for the entire facility, and sub-groups of tanks based on location, contents or function.  

Operators can easily toggle between graphical and table formats, depending on their individual preference.

Tank Details

FuelsManager provides a clear indication of the contents and status of every individual tank

Each individual tank display provides a clear indication of the contents and status of an tank.  Measured values are obtained automatically from your fuel gauge via the Tactical Data Unit and are used to provide the calculated values shown in the display.

From the Tank display you can monitor the transfer of products through your CST and any product movement is shown on the CST image as a flow icon

Vehicle Overviews

TacFuels can also account for the volumes inside tanker trucks or other vessels, not just collapsible storage tanks.

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Alarm Management

FuelsManager constantly monitors the system to check for conditions that may require immediate attention, such as an overfill or a decreasing level on a static CST.   Your facility operator has access to pre-configured alarm settings for each tank. These include multiple alarm groups and alarm priorities, each with its own color and audible attributes.

When an alarm situation occurs, the operator is notified regardless of which display is active.  To assist with quickly resolving the issue, an alarm summary display allows you to quickly acknowledge the alarm and find out why the alarm occurred.

TacFuels also creates a historic file of all alarms and events.  You can use the Log File Browser to access this history, add comments for individual alarms or print logs for any selected day.


Reports provide a way of recording and reviewing the daily activities across the local installation in a clear and concise manner.  

FuelsManager provides real-time reports that display live data, and historical reports that are created from archived data.

Reports can be printed as required or scheduled to print at defined times, such as at the change of an operator shift.  Simply activate or print the report to a local printer or Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file for electronic distribution

Fuel Account Reconciliation

Inventory data from the TacFuels system is able to feed into the FuelsManager Accounting module to enable accurate and timely daily reconciliation. Site operators are able to accurately track, reconcile and report fuel inventories and usage down to the tank and vehicle level.

Accounting personnel are able to work in real-time with updated data as product is received or disbursed.  This minimizes any downtime by automating end-of-day or monthly bulk petroleum summary records, which can be generated by location, unit or product.  All captured physical inventories from CST storage are automatically included in variance calculations for close-out records.  Operators can also lock down accounting periods once reconciliation begins so that operational personnel cannot modify the data during reconciliation. The TacFuels system enables timely and accurate record keeping and provides actual daily ‘local’ fuels inventory reconciliation with audit and documentation trails.

Enterprise Integration

 The local Tactical Mobile Computer connects to the enterprise via secured satellite or cellular communications when required.  At command level, custom, real-time reporting of fuel assets assists with supply chain management, invoicing and logistical decision making across the entire tactical arena.

When multiple sites are combined into a command level TacFuels enterprise system, enterprise users are able to access reports and graphics overviews configured at each individual site or run queries across all site data to create custom reports based on their unique requirements.